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2001-2010 Events
January 21 Potluck Supper and Discussion
    Dr. Eugene Pogany , on his memoir In My Brother's Image

March 29 Third Annual Peg Kerwin Memorial Presentation
  Dr. James Carroll , on his new book Constantine's Sword

June 6 Annual Meeting
  Hajj; A Family Pilgrimage for God

    Dr. Asif Razvi and Tahera Razvi

October 11 Spirtuality and Healing: A Christian Perspective
    Dr. Pamela Pettinati, Former Director Mind-Body Centers, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center

October 21 Spirtuality and Healing: A Jewish Perspective
    Marjorie Sokoll, Director, Jewish Healing Connections. Jewish Family and Children’s Service

October 28 Spirtuality and Healing: A Muslim Perspective
    Dr. Ahmed Mehanna, Professor of Pharmacy, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
    and Health Sciences

November 15 Book Group Discussion: Has God Only One Blessing? by Sister Mary C. Boys

January 7 Book Group Discussion: God Whispers: Stories of the Soul, Lessons of the Heart by Karyn Kedar

January 27 Potluck Supper and Round Table Sharing on SPIRITUALITY

March 13 Fourth Annual Peg Kerwin Memorial Presentation
  The Dynamics of Interfaith Dialogue

    Dr. Ibrahim Abu-Rabi, Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations
    at Hartford Seminary, CT

April 9 Yom Hashoah - Holocaust Vigil and Commemoration
    Weston Town Green

April 22 Book Group Discussion: Islam: A Short History by Karen Armstrong

June 6 Annual Meeting
  The Significance of Interfaith Dialogue

    Dr. David Gordis, President of Hebrew College, Newton

October 27 The American Tradition of Nonviolence
    Dr. Michael True, international peace educator and author

November 17 “Stories” - The Need for Nonviolence and Initiatives Working Toward It
    Presented by WWIAG Leadership Members
    Malik Khan, Tehmina Khan, Joyce Pastor, Philip J. Mayher

February 7 “Faith and Inspiration" - An Interfaith Dialogue Inspired by The Islam Project
    Sponsored by Wayland Clergy Association, Weston Clergy Association, and WWIAG

February 24 Book Group Discussion: Abraham by Bruce Feiler

March 25 Fifth Annual Peg Kerwin Memorial Presentation
  Creating a Culture of Peace

    Dr. Elise Boulding, educator, author, and member of the International Peace Research Association
    Dr. Gordon Fellman, professor, author and Chairman of Peace and Conflict Studies Program,
    Brandeis University

April 6 Viewing and Discussion of Film “Promises”

June 12 Annual Meeting
  From Baghdad to Boston: My Personal Journey

    Alia Antoon, M.D., D.C.H., F.A.A.P.

October 8 Sixth Annual Peg Kerwin Memorial Presentation
  Defamation, Discrimination, and Erosion of Civil Liberties after 9/11:
  Concerns for Islam and All Citizens

    Adil Najam, Associate Professor of International Negotiation and Diplomacy,
    The Fletcher School, Tufts University
    Nancy Murray, Coordinator of Civil Liberties Task Force, American Civil Liberties Union

December 7 Sharing the Success of Camp IF” - A dialogue with Christian, Jewish and Muslim teen participants

  WITH KNOWLEDGE COMES UNDERSTANDING: Services with Three Different Faith Communities
March 28 Services: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Weston

April 23 Services: Islamic Center of Boston, Wayland

May 3 First Regional Meeting of Representatives from Metro - West Interfaith Groups
    Hosted by WWIAG at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Weston

May 7 Services: Temple Shir Tikva, Wayland

June 10 Annual Meeting
  Keep the Faith, Change the Church: Grassroots Activism in Search of Justice and
  Healing in the Catholic Church

    Cathy and Bill Fallon, founding members of Voice of the Faithful

October 3 Building a Better Tomorrow: Camp IF
  Eleven teens representing the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish faiths explore one another's
  faith traditions at Camp IF.
    Facilitators: Abode Hamoush, M.D., and Rev. Dr. Philip J. Mayher

November 17 Book Group Discussion: The Ornament of the World: How Muslims, Jews, and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain by Maria Rosa Menocal

March 17 Seventh Annual Peg Kerwin Memorial Presentation
  Depictions of the ‘Other’ in Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament

    Lawrence M. Wills, Th.D., Professor of Biblical Studies, Episcopal Divinity School

June 9 Annual Meeting
  Beyond the 11th

    Susan Retik and Patti Quigley, co-founders of Beyond the 11th.

November 9 Christian and Baha’i Weddings
    Cathy Nicholson, Sue Turner and Janot Mendler

November 16 Jewish and Islamic Weddings
    Joyce Pastor, Asif Razvi and Tahera Razvi

March 15 Eighth Annual Peg Kerwin Memorial Presentation
  The Battle of Ideas in the World of Islam

    Husain Haqqani, BU Associate Professor, International Relations

April 2 Camp IF and the Interfaith Youth Leadership Program
  Muslim, Christian, and Jewish teens speak of their inspirational week at summer camp
    Facilitators: Rev. Dr. Philip J. Mayher and Jennifer Smith

June 4 Annual Meeting
  Bringing People Together . . . . From Darfur to Baghdad

    Congressman James P. McGovern, 3rd district

November 2* "How Can We Live in Peace?" - Dr. Sepi Gilani in a panel discussion
The Ruach Institute, All Saint's Church, Brookline

November 5* WWIAG's history and activism, presented at Regis College's "Lunch and Learn" series by members Laurie Kaye, Cathy Nicholson, Joyce Pastor and Tahera Razvi

November 19 Wayland's annual Thanksgiving Interfaith Service

November 20 Weston's annual Thanksgiving Interfaith Service

December 3* Concert to raise funds for Darfur refugees, featuring Jean-Paul Sanputu and ensemble
Temple Shir Tikva
Members collaborated in planning, publicizing and attending this event
Sponsors: Church of the Holy Spirit in Wayland, Congregation Or Atid in Wayland, Congregational Church of Weston, First Parish in Wayland, First Parish in Weston,Saint Ann Catholic Church in Wayland, Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley, Temple Shir Tikva in Wayland, and the American Jewish Committee.

December 4 Book Group Discussion: Dispatches from the Edge by Correspondent Anderson Cooper.

January 21 Mid-winter Potluck Supper and stand up comedy of Tissa Hami

February 13 Ninth Annual Peg Kerwin Memorial Presentation
  Pulitzer prize-winning author Christopher Hedges spoke on his latest book

  American Fascists: the Christian Right and the War on America

March 19 Viewing and discussion of PBS-TV video "Three Faiths, One God"

June 3 Annual Meeting
  No More Victims

    Cole Miller, Project Director “No More Victims”.

August 26 WWIAG Play-date with Omar (the 5 year old Iraqi child sponsored for medical treatment at Children's Hospital, Boston under the auspices of No More Victims)

(3 meetings)
Book Group Discussion: The Dignity of Difference by Jonathan Sacks.

October 28 Resolving Intractable Conflicts In The World's Most Challenging Places
  Rev. Professor Raymond G. Helmick, S. J., Professor of Conflict Resolution, Boston College

November 4 Conflict Resolution and Skill-Building for Dialoguing about Difficult Topics
All day training workshop by Maggie Herzig, a former WWIAG Leadership group member

November 18 Wayland's annual Thanksgiving Interfaith Service

November 19 Weston's annual Thanksgiving Interfaith Service

March 12 Tenth Annual Peg Kerwin Memorial Presentation
  The Reality of Islamophobia in America Today: Challenges and Opportunities

  Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni, Visiting Scholar of Islamic Studies,
    Department of Arts and Humanities, Boston College

April 13 Mormonism and American Politics
  Professor Melissa Proctor, Harvard Divinity School

February 21,
April 23, May 6
Field Trips to Facing History and Ourselves
Exhibit “Choosing to Participate” at Boston Public Library

June 12 Annual Meeting
  Speaker: Nancy Corcoran, CSJ on her book
    Secrets of Prayer: Creating Personal Prayer in Your Life

November 16 20th Anniversary Celebration
  • "The Local and the Global: Interfaith Movements and the Future of Pluralism" - Keynote speach by Dr. Diana L. Eck, Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies, Harvard University.
  • "A Look Backwards: Valuing our Diverse Community through Education, Dialogue and Action" - a panel discussion.

  • 2009
    March 05 Eleventh Annual Peg Kerwin Memorial Presentation
      Islamophobia: Understanding the roots of prejudice toward Muslims and the Religion of Islam

      Karen L. Hernandez Andrews
        M.A., Andover Newton Theological School

    May 20 Visit to Sri Lakshmi Hindu Temple, Ashland MA

    June 11 Annual Meeting
      Security in Our Time: Can I be Safe if You are Not?
        Professor Adil Najam, Frederick S. Pardee Professor of Global Public Policy, Boston University

    November 15 Showing of the documentary film Beyond Belief. A story about Susan Retik and Patti Quigley, two 9/11 widows, who co-founded Beyond the 11th to help widows in Afghanistan.

    January 24 Mid-winter Potluck dinner with Gunther Schuller, World Renowned Composer, and Samuel Martinborough, Executive Director Boston “Mssng Lnks”.

    February 18 Lemon Tree - a movie presentation: An award-winning feature-length film showing a microcosm of issues debated by Israelis and Palestinians (land, security, fears re: displacement). The film doesn't take sides. There are glimmers of hope. Afterwards several discussion groups were formed and all enjoyed numerous lemon desserts.

    March 15 Twelfth Annual Peg Kerwin Memorial Presentation
      "In Between"
    A performance by Ibrahim Miari
      A semi-autobiographical one man show that portrays the complexities and contradictions inherent in his
      Palestinian-Israeli identity.

    June 10 Annual Meeting
      Disasters, Decisions, and the Divine: Knowledge for Action through Faith-full Communities
        Dr. Pablo Suarez, Associate Director of Programs, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Center, Consultant UNDP, Visiting Fellow, Boston University and Research Scholar, International Institute for Applied systems Analysis, Austria.

    Moderator: Maggie Herzig, Senior Associate at Public Conversations Project
    October 17 Multi-faith Approaches to Optimal End-of-Life Care"
        Rev. James J. Laughlin, Dr. Mohammad Ghiath Reda, Rabbi Neal Gold and Natalie Austrian

    October 24 Multi-faith Perspectives on Grief, Bereavement and Healing
        Rev. Dr. Joe Mayher, Rabbi Herman Blumberg, Imam Dr. Talal Y. Eid, Andrea Heinlein
        and Deborah Marshall
    * This series was co-sponsored by WWIAG and Parmenter’s Wayside Hospice

    November 21 Wayland's annual Thanksgiving Interfaith Service

    November 22 Weston's annual Thanksgiving Interfaith Service

        * Non-WWIAG Events - WWIAG members participated in these events but did not officially sponsor them. The views/material presented in
        non-WWIAG events do not necessarily represent WWIAG view and position.